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School of Social and Behavioral Sciences

The School of Social and Behavioral Sciences engages students in cutting-edge scholarship to better understand the world through understanding people – their beliefs, stories, cultures, organizations, friends, family, thoughts, hopes, feelings, and actions. Our synergistic blend of academic disciplines, perspectives, and methods enhances the capacity to tackle problems, intimate and large-scale, and to improve lives in local and global communities. Over fifty research-active faculty lead a dozen undergraduate, masters, and doctoral degrees, including internationally-recognized programs in Social Justice & Human Rights, Forensic Psychology, and Social Technologies. From day one, our students are at the front-line of research and innovation, conducting experiments within high-tech psychology, social media, and gaming labs. Through these hands-on research experiences and small-classroom teaching, they gain perspective, context, and skills that they will carry throughout their lives, wherever they’ll take on the world.

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Catalina Cayetano

Catalina Cayetano most recent work focuses on the interdependency of the (I'm)migrant parent/child dialogic relationship and the relational impacts of cultural intermediation in the technolinguistic experience.

Laura Clemons

Clemons possesses a doctorate in counseling psychology and two master's degrees - counseling psychology and counseling - from Columbia University. Her research addresses counselor training and health psychology.

Allan Colbern
Assistant Professor

Colbern's areas of expertise include American political development and the intersection between immigration, civil rights, social movements, federalism and citizenship.

Audrey Comstock
Assistant Professor

Comstock (PhD Cornell University 2017) researches international law, human rights, the United Nations, domestic institutions as they effect international affairs, and human rights during peacekeeping operations.

Faculty Associate
Mary Duggan
Faculty Assoc

Duggan holds a doctorate in educational psychology with a concentration in learning. Her research centers on the motivation of teachers to learn the teaching craft as well as the social ecology of the classroom.

Nicholas Duran
Associate Professor

Duran studies information processing as revealed in the dynamics of movement and language across individuals and groups. His research areas include social perspective-taking, interpersonal processes and deception.

Natalie Fabert
Patricia Friedrich
Associate Dean & Professor

Friedrich's research areas include world Englishes, sociolinguistics, disability studies, peace and diplomacy. Her teaching includes the courses History of English, Sociolinguistics and Forensic Linguistics.

Kendall Funk
Assistant Professor

Funk's research focuses on gender representation, local governance, decentralization, international public management and government performance.


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