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School of Social and Behavioral Sciences

The School of Social and Behavioral Sciences engages students in cutting-edge scholarship to better understand the world through understanding people – their beliefs, stories, cultures, organizations, friends, family, thoughts, hopes, feelings, and actions. Our synergistic blend of academic disciplines, perspectives, and methods enhances the capacity to tackle problems, intimate and large-scale, and to improve lives in local and global communities. Over fifty research-active faculty lead a dozen undergraduate, masters, and doctoral degrees, including internationally-recognized programs in Social Justice & Human Rights, Forensic Psychology, and Social Technologies. From day one, our students are at the front-line of research and innovation, conducting experiments within high-tech psychology, social media, and gaming labs. Through these hands-on research experiences and small-classroom teaching, they gain perspective, context, and skills that they will carry throughout their lives, wherever they’ll take on the world.

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Senior Lecturer
Malay Firoz
Assistant Professor

Firoz studies “resilience-based” approaches to humanitarian aid for Syrian refugees in Jordan and Lebanon, exploring intersections between humanitarianism, ethics and forced migration in the Middle East.

Scott Barclay
School Director, Professor

Barclay's research project explores the interplay of political, demographic, and social movement factors that influence the deployment of law. He has a doctorate in political science from Northwestern University..

T. M. Barratt

Barratt is a university lecturer and licensed psychologist. He is based at ASU's California Center in Santa Monica.

Robert Beattey
SUM/WTR Faculty Teaching-Session B

Beattey is an attorney and clinical forensic psychologist. He is a faculty associate in forensic and legal psychology in the ASU program on law and behavioral science.

Natasha Behl
Assistant Professor

Behl completed her doctorate at University of California, Los Angeles. Her areas of expertise are gender and politics; race, ethnicity and politics; democracy and citizenship; social Justice and human rights; and India.

Brian Bornstein

Brian Bornstein joined the ASU faculty in 2019 after retiring from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. He conducts research on the legal system from a psychological perspective.

Faculty Associate
Mary Burleson
Associate Professor

Burleson earned her doctorate in psychology (behavioral neuroscience program) from ASU in 1994. Her postdoctoral training was at Ohio State University. She joined the ASU faculty in 1997.