Debra Arford

Faculty Associate
WEST Campus


Dr. Arford has been teaching Chemistry at the college level at a variety of colleges in support of various health and engineering programs since 2003.  At Apollo (Carrington) College, she taught Chemistry for the Dental Hygiene program.  At DeVry, she taught three chemistry courses in support of the Clinical Laboratory Scientist program, at ASU and Scottsdale Community College, she taught majors organic chemistry to pre-med, pre-vet, pre-PA, and pre-pharm students. At Glendale Community College she teaches Fundamental Chemistry.  At Grand Canyon University, from 2011-2015, she taught and was course lead for General Chemistry I and II for pre-med, forensic science, and engineering disciplines as well as Fundamental Chemistry for the nursing program. In 2017, she taught for AZ College of Nursing, Central Arizona College, SCC, GCC, and PVCC.

She enjoyed teaching CHM101 (nearly identical to high school chemistry) and putting a friendly face on Chemistry for so many of whom might otherwise be dreadful of the subject; and teaches in a manner that anticipates the way students think, offering strategies and approaches that can be applied to many situations.

Not only has Dr. Arford taught Chemistry for over a decade, she has practiced it in the pharmaceutical industry (in development of an ultra pure standard for a co-compound of Cylastatin (antibiotic) at Merck and Company, Danville, PA in 1989; as part of the team to develop the first HIV vaccine, Crixivan, at Merck Sharp and Dohme Research Labs in the early 1990’s); and in the food and beverage industry as director of Quality Assurance (Three Rivers Bottling 1998 and Nutracea 2007).

Dr. Arford is prepared to take on the challenge of mentoring young learners with insight into the thought process, interpretation hurdles, and problem-solving ‘traps’ that accompany learning science and Chemistry in particular. She is excited to draw upon her repertoire and offer it to the enthused, eager young minds of ASU enrollment.


University of Pittsburgh:              Doctoral Degree:            Chemistry        July, 1998

Carnegie Mellon University:        Bachelors Degree:         Chemistry        May, 1990


Spring 2018
Course Number Course Title
CHM 238 Gen Organic Chemistry Lab II
Fall 2017
Course Number Course Title
CHM 237 Gen Organic Chemistry Lab I