ASU West students in workshop at Spectrum Video & Film

ASU West students get real-world experience on set


Dave Hunt

Spectrum Video and Film, a local video production company in Scottsdale, opened its doors to conduct a workshop with ASU’s West campus students this spring, providing invaluable hands-on experience for the students.

More than 20 students, all of them members of the Interdisciplinary Arts and Performance program offered at New College, toured the facility and received lessons on proper lighting, sound capture and editing, shot framing and selection, and how to use advanced video production equipment like dolly tracks.

“I’m sure the students learned something, especially doing the hands-on work with the dolly. Knowing how to dolly while simultaneously tilting, panning, and keeping the subjects in frame; showed that it’s harder than it seems,” says Spectrum Video and Film President Ken Liljegren.

“We also focused on how important audio is. Eight to ten years ago, we were in the ‘fix-it’ business, as all of these indie film makers would come in with the worst audio, and we’d have to try and fix it. In order to have high quality content, you have to have high quality audio.”

Spectrum Video and Film has grown from a wedding video studio in its early days, to a complete video production company servicing corporate communication videos, commercial advertising, amenity videos, and even some television shows today. Liljegrin uses workshops such as these to find the next great filmmakers and video producers to come out of ASU.

Taking advantage of ASU students’ ability to uniquely connect with audiences on social media, Liljegrin has Spectrum interns take the lead on many social media video projects for clients, an expanding portion of Spectrum’s current business.

“I have an eye for gifted people, I can see them right away,” he says. “Students in these workshops, and especially those that participate in internships with us, they conduct projects from beginning to end. They’ll execute their own vision, and ultimately, they’ll get out of it what they put into it.”

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