Accelerated Degrees in the New College of Interdisciplinary Arts & Sciences

New College offers a number of accelerated degree programs, often referred to as 4+1 programs.  4+1 programs provide top undergraduate students in select undergraduate New College majors the flexibility to begin taking classes (up to twelve credit hours) toward their master's degree during their senior year.

The 4+1 accelerated degree program is available in the following New College graduate programs:
Cost Savings:
  • Accelerated 4+1 students pay undergraduate tuition for graduate courses taken during their senior year.
  • Accelerated 4+1 students take fewer total credits between their bachelor's and master's program and pay for fewer cumulative credits to complete both programs.
Time Savings:
  • Typically, Accelerated 4+1 students complete their master's program one semester earlier than full-time non-Accelerated 4+1 students.

*Cost and time savings vary based on each individual student's plan of study.

Eligibility Requirements

  • Student is enrolled in an eligible New College major.  To see what undergraduate majors are eligible for the 4+1 Accelerated Programs please review the graduate program page in Degree Search.
  • Student has completed 75 credit hours toward a bachelor's degree.  Transfer work can count toward this 75 hours; however, one full semester of coursework at ASU must be included.
  • GPA and Pre-requisites:

         Communication Studies:
         3.33 GPA in last 75 hours of undergraduate coursework
         Undergraduate methods completed

         Interdisciplinary Studies:
         3.25 GPA in last 75 hours of undergraduate coursework

        Social Justice and Human Rights:
        3.00 GPA in last 75 hours of undergraduate coursework

Application Procedure

It is strongly recommended that any student considering a 4+1 program in the New College attend one of our information sessions. After attending an information session, interested students should first meet with the graduate program director to determine if the 4+1 program matches their research and professional interests. If it is a good a good fit, the student should schedule a meeting with their undergraduate academic advisor to determine if their schedule is flexible enough to share credits. The student and undergraduate advisor should complete the 4+1 Checklist and Program Qualification Form and submit it to the Graduate Program Advisor at the time of application.
Accelerated 4+1 applicants must submit an online application to ASU Graduate Admissions including all requirements outlined by ASU Degree Search. The GRE is not required for any 4+1 applicants.

Admitted Students

Students will be considered undergraduates until all bachelor's program requirements have been completed. In consultation with the faculty advisor, the student will develop an integrated plan of study (iPOS) leading to the dual degrees. After being admitted to the 4+1 program, a student must be registered for a minimum of one shared course during each remaining undergraduate semester. It is important for all students to acquaint themselves with all regulations, to be informed throughout their college careers, and to be responsible for completing all requirements.