Choose Your Adventure

Choose Your Adventure

At ASU’s New College, every student is given the opportunity to go on the adventure of lifetime –  both in their academic and personal pursuits. Students can get involved in research, play intramural sports, star in a theater production at Second Stage West, become a Peer Mentor, or travel the world studying abroad. There’s virtually no limit to the experiences students can have at ASU’s New College!

This year, we’re letting you choose the adventures our student, Kyra, will go on during her junior year. Check out the video series below and pay attention to the choices given at the end of the most recent episode. You get to choose what Kyra does next!. Then, connect with us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or Snapchat and post, tweet, or snap @ASUNewCollege your vote for her next adventure!

Keep an eye on our social media channels for the release of each new episode showcasing the adventure you chose for Kyra. The final episode comes out May 4, 2017, so vote now and be a part of Choose Your Adventure!


Latest Episode

Choose Your Adventure - Episode 6: "Building Community Through Art"

Full Episode List

Episode 1: The Adventure Begins

Choose Your Adventure - Episode 1: "The Adventure Begins"

Kyra begins her adventure as a Sun Devil after discovering a long lost book with magical powers. Join us on this adventure, as YOU will decide what Kyra's next adventure will be!

Episode 3: Researching What's Up at West

Choose Your Adventure - Episode 3: "Coffee and a Scavenger Hunt"

Kyra discovers all of the amazing research happening on ASU's West campus.

Episode 5: Showdown at SDFC

Choose Your Adventure - Episode 5: "Showdown at SDFC"

Kyra gets into a one-on-one, best-of-five decathlon with her classmate, Chris, in an episode that is "one for the ages!"

Episode 2: Going to the Game

Choose Your Adventure - Going to the Game

Kyra takes the luxury shuttle from West campus to Tempe to take in the sights and sounds at Sun Devil Stadium.

Episode 4: Scavenger Hunt at Fletcher Library

Choose Your Adventure - Episode 4: "Coffee and a Scavenger Hunt"

Kyra gets a much-needed jolt from our good friends at Starbucks, then embarks on a scavenger hunt that takes her through every corner of Fletcher Library, with a Golden Ticket waiting for her at the end of the rainbow!

Episode 6: Building Community Through Art

Choose Your Adventure - Episode 6: "Building Community Through Art"

Kyra took her collegiate adventure back into her own hands, choosing to lead a community art project to commemorate Black History Month.