2021 Southwest Electronic Music Festival

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Join us for the exciting 2021 Southwest Electronic Music Festival, curated by IAP faculty Barry Moon, Oct. 15–17 at ASU West campus. The festival features four concerts and two workshops featuring Doug Nottingham, Kittie Cooper/Alex Christie, Kyle Hutchins, Ted Moore, tsone (Tony Obr), Gabby Issac, Jimmie Peggie, Memo Guiterrez, as well as the premiere of "Sylvan," a new work for dance and installation art with Mary Fitzgerald and Eileen Standley (choreography), Galina Mihaleva (costumes) and Barry Moon (interactivity and sound). The concerts and parking are free! 

The Festival schedule of events is:

Oct. 15:
“The Locals” Streaming: https://youtu.be/fV5t_Q-6idE
6.30 p.m. Delph Courtyard
Premiere performance of “Sylvan,” a new piece for dance and installation art
Mary Fitzgerald and Eileen Standley, choreography and dance
Gilena Mihaleva, costume design
Barry Moon, interactivity and sound

7 p.m. Kiva Lecture Hall
tsone (Tony Obr)
Gabby Isaac
Jimmie Peggie
Memo Gutierrez

Oct. 16:
Workshops in CLCC 108
1 p.m. Ted Moore, FluCoMa
Ted Moore is on the research team of FluCoMa, a software package for AI programming in Max and Supercollider. Bring your own laptop with Max installed, or just come soak up the intelligence.

3 p.m. Trash Cats, DIY Analog Synth
Kittie Cooper and Alex Christie lead us through the construction of a unique analog synthesizer. A $25 fee will be payable at the workshop for electronic parts, and you’ll need to preregister with Barry Moon @ barry.moon@asu.edu by October 8 to ensure a spot.

“Duos” Concert Streaming: https://youtu.be/FAe9_7giW8o
7 p.m. Kiva Lecture Hall
Pincushioned (Barry Moon/Doug Nottingham), Trash Cats (Kittie Cooper/Alex Christie) and Binary Canary (Kyle Hutchins/Ted Moore) perform adventurous electronic music.

Oct. 17:
“Serious” Concert Streaming: https://youtu.be/I7DUFFmgx9o
5 p.m. Kiva Lecture Hall
Kyle Hutchins, saxophone
Doug Nottingham, percussion
Music for instruments with electronic processing, featuring music by Cort Lippe, Alex Christie, Barry Moon, Eric Lyon, Elizabeth A. Baker and alejandro t. acierto.

Interdisciplinary Arts and Performance Program, ASU West
Barry Moon
Oct 17 2021 - 6:30pm
Delph Courtyard, Kiva Lecture Hall, CLCC 108
West campus

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